Jul 2nd Petya Ransomware : Here’s What to Do.

If you have not done so already, you should immediately install the MS17-010 patch from Microsoft. If you are technically able to, we recommend you block network access to port 445 on your Windows workstations. You may also want to monitor traffic to that port if you are a security professional. Keep an eye on the Microsoft Security Response ... Read More »

May 1st It's May Day !

Whats your plan this summer?  Get your business online now. Start here.

Feb 28th Nice Neat an Sweet

In keeping with our motto "Simple, Effective and you're Done"  
 We have put your basket in order, new Product display and checkout
pages make a great experiance for you.

Sep 9th Why one domain name for your business isn’t enough

So you’ve registered a domain name for your business, and you’re busy getting your brand online – think your work is done? Think again! Dan Boaz, CEO of Airfreight.com, has amassed an astonishing 1,000 domains related to freight transporting, and it’s all part of a strategy to dominate his industry by capturing web traffic. It’s a ... Read More »

Sep 7th latest improvements for you

We are always improving our service for you. the client area now has links to DIY Word Press videos and a link on how to use the "My Projects" . these are just the basics but will save you time in setting up Word Press if you haven't ever done it before. Just go sign up, it's free no purchase nessasary and remember to activate your affiliate link ... Read More »

Apr 12th HeartBleed

Here at "NR"WEB USOur software has been updated, No HeartBleed here! Thanks to Our wonderful Tech dept. We wanted to take a moment and go over the Heartbleed Vulnerability that recently made headlines around the world. This vulnerability exploits a flaw in OpenSSL which is used for data encryption. This allows individuals who know how to use the ... Read More »

Mar 12th The Internet turns 25 later today,

The Internet turns 25 later today,it was an accident A side project with no approval done after hrs

Feb 23rd "NR"WEB US,

new system is online
Remember J.B. says "A network works to support it's members networth!".