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Our Pro Scripts

The script can use two different engines to perform domain names checking

100% Complete


  • Can check for virtually ANY domain name extension, ALL exotic countries, including
    extensions where public whois servers are not available or where there are request limits on whois servers.

  • Includes TEST mode - you can test how the script works in your browser window before scheduling.

  • Includes BROWSER mode - you can manually run the script in your browser for bulk domain checking. The number of
    domain names checked is only limited by your server/host capabilities and power.

  • Can be set to either alert you when one or more domain names are available, or to regularily send you a full
    check report including unavailable domains.

  • Full instruction provided, script is very easy to configure and very well commented.

1. Uses checkdnsrr() php function (available with all PHP versions running on Linux servers).
In other words, if you have a Linux server, the script shoud work straight out of the box in its default mode.
Unfortunately, its not supported by PHP on Windows servers, unless you've hot PHP 5.3.

2. Uses nslookup command. This should work on most Linux and Windows servers, but you
need to make sure that "disable_functions" variable in your php.ini file does not include "exec()"
function. Also, if you have "safe_mode = On" in your php.ini, you may need to add a path (where the
nslookup is located) to "safe_mode_exec_dir" variable. Otherwise, the script will not work properly.

MRWHOIS SCHEDULER V. 2.0 Preț $36.00 USD O singură dată Comandă acum

Main features

100% Complete

NEW in 1.3

100% Complete

  • adjusts to your PHP-Nuke theme

  • displays only the availability in the first
    result window and detailed info in pop up window

  • includes the link to the web site if the name is taken

  • customise the look

  • customise whois lookup servers

  • include affiliate link for registering

  • very easy to install (instruction provided)

  • updated whois servers

MRWHOIS V. 2.3 FOR PHP-NUKE Preț $23.49 USD O singură dată Comandă acum

Pro version includes ALL facilities of MRWhois Lite, plus:

100% Complete
  • Changeable display of tld's in a search window radio buttons for a small number of
    100% Complete

    • Almost 300 different tlds from all over the world, including all USA
      and all European tlds (fully customisable, instructions provided), now including .EU! (Thanks Peter!)

    • EASY adding ANY tlds when they become available

    • You can use different register/affiliate links for different tld's.

    • tld's or drop down list for larger numbers.
    • Free unlimited upgrades (sent automatically when released)

    • Full 24/7 e-mail support.

    • FULL, unique support for ".name" tld's.

    • MUCH, MUCH FASTER than freeware version.

      (i.e. ".nl", ".pl" etc.)

      (i.e. ".hr").

    • Definable output - you can now use the script to parse available domains to an
      external file, for example a shopping cart.

    • COMPATIBLE with PHP 5.3

    MRWHOIS V. 4.2 PRO Preț $23.49 USD O singură dată Comandă acum