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Dedicated Server

Full Server Rack, Scalable in Hours up to 3 HHDs.
All accounts have 20 TB outbound, unlimited outbound Bandwidth and 100 Mbps Uplink Port Speed.
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    Continuous Data Protection helps protect against
    100% Complete
    R1Soft (Idera) CDP System Requirements
    100% Complete

Continuous Data Protection Powered by R1Soft (Idera) is a disk-to-disk backup solution that allows you to perform block-level backup as frequently as every 15 minutes. Backups take minutes, not hours, with a disk I/O overhead is so small you can’t measure it. It’s compatible with both Windows and Linux, and has a web-based UI for easy use and convenience. An ideal solution for those looking for full protection and control over their disaster recovery strategy.
  • Very fine grain file corruption or deletion

  • Application-level data corruption or loss for MySQL, SQL Server, VMWare, Xenserver, HyperV, Exchange with no added plug-in costs

  • Point-in-time failures

  • Everything is included; no additional modules required for MySQL/SQL server, encryption or compression.

  • CDP Agent per Server

  • Management Server

  • Backups will take minutes, not hours. Schedule backups as frequently as every 15 minutes.

    Continuous Data Protection Powered by R1Soft (Idera)+ 8TB NAS Price From $245.00/mo Order Now
    As remote power management solutions provide administrators with the ability to recycle power to non-responsive systems and troubleshoot problems remotely, they can reduce server downtime and outages and losses. With traditional power management systems, when it is necessary to perform a cold reboot, technicians must be physically present to reboot a system, often at a substantial cost to a company or organization. With remote power management, in most instances, the dispatch of field personnel to manually execute a hard reboot is unnecessary, as administrators can immediately access the Rack PDU via a browser and reboot the switch.

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    KVM over IP w/Remote Reboot Price $33.59/mo Order Now